Cool Story, Bro

by It's An Attack!

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released November 29, 2011

HM Recording Studio
Tighe Quigley on Drums
Kyle, Caitlin, Alycia, Jared, Shawn, Chris, Jared, Roberto on gang vocals



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It's An Attack! Oxford, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Miles Davis
It's not that hard to see
what this heat is doing to me
sweating out your fever's bite
this basement's dark but your smile's so bright
come hold onto me
we'll escape the heat together
then maybe we'll see
if we can make this last forever

Summer nights with my friends
getting caught in a tidal wave
hopping in the car just to go for a drive
the days were warm alright
sleeping in, staying out all night
couldn't wait for the warm air to arrive
these were the days that we felt alive

Now summer's come and gone
made some memories I'll never forget
this fire's stoked as the night rolls along
we'll spread some love this autumn yet
come hold onto me
we'll escape the cold together
then maybe we'll see
if we can make this last forever
Track Name: Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife
I feel it in my chest
the air burns up my lungs
I've held this in for far too long
you know that you were wrong
I shouldn't have to say it again
I'll scream it over and over again

And when they break into your house
cuz you've been out running your mouth
you as me do I care?
no, I won't lose sleep.

Take your apologies
throw them all away
no one makes a fool of me
though your thoughts are paved
with good intentions
they never come out right

I'm living with the weight of the world
the weight of the world on my back
I've gotta find something new
Before I explode
Track Name: Their Tongues
I wonder if you've noticed
yea I see it all the time
people are always in our way
they're holding the beat up in our line
and all I've ever wanted to say
is 'please leave me be'
nothing's ever going to keep us down
or stand in our way

Now it's safe to say
there's nothing in our way
you'll never hold us back
our feet are on the ground
and we're nowhere to be found
look again and we are free

Don't even bother looking for us in your town
cuz we're nowhere to be found
we could drive across the country
or sail the seven seas
Track Name: That's In Tents
I'll always stand my ground
you're wrong to think to you I'm bound
between you and my friends
I'll stick with them in the end
It's not the best of you that keeps me coming back for more
but it's the worst of you that keeps me running for the door

I'll get away from here
to get away from you my dear
I'll listen when my friends say
It's for the best
and when our time is done
I've spent some time out on the run
I'll write to let you know that
It's for the best

I'll pack up all my things
and run away so far from here
you've been a sweetheart
but it's best that I should go
now that I've spent some time to think about the things that you have done
I hope you realize
I'm never coming back
Track Name: I'm Not A Crier
It seems that we're always searching
for the light of a better day
its seems that I'm always crawling
through the dirt, mud, and clay
when you look at me
tell me what do you see
come now, take my hand
let's draw a line
we run this city tonight

We keep moving with society
instead of dealing with the problems, you see
It's a cold day in deep winter's grasp
we have to fix ourselves tonight

I can see you standing there
with your heart in your hands
based on common sense
when will you take a stand
is vengeance worth the kill
seated now with your head in your hands
was it your life to take
it's just a mess in the end
we run this city tonight